The Academy

To become Holistic Operators and Equicoach.

Centering Course

Path of Strengthening, Centering and Leadership.

The Moon Path

Rediscover your sacred Femininity.

Bio-natural Disciplines

To become a Bionatural Ethical Riding Operator.


Professional training course, accredited and certified FederPro and Engea

The Academy provides the theoretical and practical tools to become Holistic Operator, Equine Facilitated Learning.

The Academy is structured in 4 Thematic Pillars from 7 modules, for each pillar completed you will have credits and a check to advance. The new handouts have been added to support each student. There you will find a lot of information, but above all useful points of reference and tools that will support you during your trip.

A journey inside you to heal what must be healed through the medicine that horses bring rediscovering the love for yourself. I remind you that you do not ride a horse, but it is a support of presence that invites you to recognize those parts of yourself that you are ashamed to show, helping you to know your anger and your fear.

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Centering Intensive Course

Path of Strengthening, Centering and Leadership.

Reserved for Holistic Operators, Counselors, Psychologists, Facilitators, Teachers, those who work in the relationship of help and who do not feel satisfied or who feel the desire to deepen their knowledge. Also suitable for those who want to find their own centering, necessary to strengthen the relationship of help and thus managing to be professionally effective.

The presence of Daya Eliana Rota’s horse herd will help us manifest what is not yet clear, making visible situations where we feel blocked or simply strengthening our awareness. These extraordinary Masters of presence will make you experience clear vision, clear feeling, and clear action.

An alignment that brings direction, brings centering in order to support you in the realization of your life projects.
A path of seven meetings, one weekend a month in presence, and three online sessions, Meetings with the 7 psychosomatic centers and neuropersonalities.

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The moon Path

A monthly meeting, reserved for women only.

We will meet the sacred femininity, the feminine energy that in each of us lives as ancient energy to be preserved. An archaic energy that is perhaps still blocked or has not yet been recognized and developed. An energy that has not yet been embodied in its sacred power.

The manifestation of deep intuition, such as wisdom, welcome, passion and creativity, are aspects that have to do with the moon, with the great mother. Nature itself brings the feminine, brings healing.

"We don’t wait for the world to give us back our value, we decide to be the ones to restore our value to the world."
-Marianne Williamson

The meetings will mainly take place in the protected forest of the Selva and in the Circle Wood we will meet free horses.

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Bio-natural Disciplines


From the Lombardy Region Bionatural Disciplines Section, 300 hours of training is required for the Bionatural Ethical Riding Operator.

This project is a specialization to bring the operator to have skills on horse management and nonverbal communication.

From knowing how to read the language of horses, to knowing how to decode the mirror of the horse while relating to the customer in the field. From preparing space for sessions to simulating session with rooting exercises. We will deal with elements of psychosomatics, imaginary mindfulness, psychology. We will deepen the archetypal models, the concept "anima mundi" (what Jung called "collective unconscious"). We will understand notions of morphogenetic field through video lessons on essential qualities.

The training of the Bionatural Ethical Horse Riding Operator involves the practical technical teaching of different subjects, designed to create a professional figure aware.
The course will be supported and led by Daya, with the intervention by Dr Sahas Manuel Chiaruttini.

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