I'm Daya Eliana Rota

Italian Pioneer of Personal Growth with Horses

Since I was young I felt a great dissatisfaction, a sadness in my heart, so many existential questions I could not answer.

So in 1989 I started the first group of personal growth of “courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin”, I experimented consciously the Here and Now.

At that time I was struck by the culture of the natives of the great plains and their bond with nature and the horse. I have attended conferences, I have been fortunate to meet representatives of that wisdom to which I aspired. I met simplicity, discretion and a humility that moved me.

I continued the exploration with groups of Primal, Somatic Experience, Osho Pulsation, Osho Diamond Breath, Trauma Healing, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Enneagramma, Energywork, Inner Man, Inner Woman, Metamedicine with Claudia Rainville on Emotional Unlock, Energy of the Chakras with Anodea Judith, Systemic Family Constellations, Truth Research groups with the Koans of Charles Berner and deepened the technique of the Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi.

At the same time, to live, I worked as a Massoterapist and Holistic Reflexologist in a Medical Practice; After getting the title of Naturopath and having various formations, (Bach Flowers, Ayurveda, Iridologia, Gestalt,..) I opened my own Holistic Center.

Daya Eliana Rota, during a Workshop

I have been to various Ashrams in India where I have known different masters who have given me their teachings. After a few years I started my shamanic journey in Findhorn in Scotland and then in Turkey with the Sufi masters where I met the compassion of the heart. A great and deep inner movement that led me to seek answers. I was looking for nourishment for my soul.

I have made years of research and meetings with masters that have changed my vision of the world. In 2005 I met Avikal, a teacher and guide who was very valuable to me. With him I attended the experiential training on the inner judge and followed the training on the Essence, a work on the Self that has lasted for more than fifteen years.

After having gained my experience, I recognize in the horse a great master and create so, thanks to my intuition given by the union between my passions and acquired skills, a new method: Horse Life Coaching.

Horse Life Coaching is the first method in Italy of Personal Growth with the support of a spiritual mediator like the Horse to work on the unlocking of repressed emotions, the development of human potential and essential qualities of the soul, proving to be an effective technique for the re-elaboration of trauma and mourning.

In 1990 the first recognition from the Region and in 2017 the certificate as an assistant horse from the zooprophylactic institute.

In 2018, the publishing house Le due torri published my first book “The horse whispering to men. Meeting with the inner master” today in the second edition.
In June 2021 my second book “Il cavallo medicina per l’anima” was published. In August 2021 “Le carte rituali Essenza e Cavalli”. In August 2023 “Viaggio verso la libert√† la via del cavallo”, available in English.

My Method of Personal Growth with the Horse

For more than thirty years Life Coaching.

A new approach, made of emotions and intuitions, the result of all the experiences lived with the various masters and the encounter with the horse that invites to the presence and sensitivity to rediscover themselves.
The horse supports us to meet our insecurities, mirrors us and shows us the Way.

It will be an emotional riding experience, you will not mount because everything happens from the ground. The Path takes place through Sessions that offer a strong and precious support to meet our emotions, in order to welcome them to learn how to manage them with awareness. 

The wisdom of the horse is like an ancient master who guides us to encounter the present moment through meditation. An opportunity to rediscover parts of us frozen and neglected for several years bringing them to light and giving us the extraordinary opportunity to recover the contact and sacredness of the lost or even blocked part, thus triggering a process of developement and auto-inner healing. What Carlos Castaneda calls “retrieving soul fragments”.

I offer sessions as a Therapist and Coach with a deep and delicate approach to bring clarity about your devaluating dynamics and obstacles that do not allow you to be whole and happy. Facilitate retreats and workshops of awareness and self-development, emotional intelligence, trauma release and mindfulness. I work with the constellations intuitive chakra healing with horses.

Daya Eliana Rota with the Pack