Session of Online Coaching
for your psychological support.

Coaching session with the presence of Horses to rediscover who you really are.

Coaching session in Presence with possible Support of Horses.

Free yourself from Ancient and Repetitive Patterns. An opportunity to see and dissolve family dynamics.

Online Session

Support, presence and centering can also be experienced online.
It creates a very deep and effective energy field.
When you lose your center, when you are in mental chaos, you need a fixed point and a beacon to light your way. That’s when you can ask for support for a new awareness and that’s when everything changes.

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Individual Sessions

The individual Session held in the presence of the Horses and the soft and firm guide of Daya, supports you by taking you to spaces you have not yet explored. The interaction with these teachers thus becomes therapeutic as a medicine, thanks to an ancient wisdom that heals what needs to be healed.

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Couple Sessions

Coaching session to regain the well-being in the couple relationship. When you seem to speak an unknown language and you don’t feel understood or heard, it’s time to recognize what is hard to see. Only then will you be able to return to being free or to live freely your love discovering a new connection between you.

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Family Systemic Constellations

It will create a Family Consciousness field in this space that will allow the Pack to talk about you, your story, what you need to heal. It will guide you through the branches of your family to discover the hereditary nodes that prevent you from realizing your dreams and developing your talents.

A path that will help you dissolve the prohibitions and guilt that limit the expansion of your true self. The experience you will have will make you take the right place in the world.

Compassion will show you the way to honor your life and the existence of those who have given it to you with an act of love and thus to be able to recognize that legacy of strength, of intelligence, courage and greatness that ancestors want to give to their descendants with love.

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Remember that you are not buying my time, but my experience, the effectiveness of my sessions, my consultations and my paths.

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