Some of my students who continue post-specialization updates

Student: Anselmi Benedetta

I met my horse Cody in 2020 and the following year I met Daya, first for a session and then as a student. I have been a clinical pedagogist and functional psychomotor therapist in Cremona for 20 years. Now I also promote paths of awareness, personal growth, and encounters with emotional and relational dynamics through the mediation of the horse.

In 2022, I published "I Know You and I Meet Me: Adult and Child in the Mirror," an invitation to observe the child that we are growing into, and at the same time the inner child, with awareness of the emotional, relational, and genealogical dynamics that move and guide us.


IG: anselmi_benedetta

Student & Assistant: Bianchi Francesca

I met Daya and her herd in 2020, after various paths and training programs that took me around the world for eleven years. With Daya, I felt for the first time the need to pause, initiating an intense period of study at her Academy, which continues to this day. Thanks to her guidance, I have experienced the immense power that horses have to show us the way home, embarking on a journey of discovering our essence.

My greatest passion today is supporting young women who are seeking their place in the world, but who still don’t know exactly how to find it.

A heartfelt thank you to Daya and her wonderful herd, for the guidance and support over these year.



Student: Francini Laura

Laura runs a terminal care facility with holistic techniques. Her mission, along with her two horses, is to support people who need to make a change in their lives. She also guides people in consciously processing loss and mourning. She has successfully completed training at the Horse Life Coaching Academy.


Student: Gabbi Elena

To Daya, goes my gratitude for having accompanied me to overcome my conditionings, taught me to help people to free themselves and to rediscover their essence, just as I could experience on myself during the years of working with her.

In the Ghirardi Regional Nature Reserve WWF Oasis in Borgovalditaro in Parma, together with my horses I do the work I love.